Astrid Ironmage

Level 2 Dwarf Tactician


Astrid has long reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, and young for a dwarf (around 45). She was always top of her class and a natural strategist and mage. Unfortunately, her keen intellect and interests in things far above the heads of most dwarfs her age have resulted in a lack of friends among her peers. This wouldn’t be so bad, except most of the older dwarfs treat her like a child because of her youthful looks and lack of experience rather than the capable dwarf that she is. For this reason, she has left the stonehold that she calls home to prove herself worthy of her kin’s notice by accomplishing great things and performing notable acts.

She is followed around by a small, sentient, glowing dust mite that she magically created one day for companionship. Although it is capable of communicating and acting independently, Astrid is able to speak and see through it using the magical link that binds them together.

Astrid Ironmage

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