Melford Chronicles

The Spider Farm Rescue, Part 2

Rescuing the Prisoners

The party was able to rest and recover throughout the remainder of the night without incident. Close to dawn, Cora woke the party because of some goblin activity near the spider pit. As the party quietly watched from their hidden location, they saw several people, including one woman, being thrown into the pit by the goblins. The shadow goblins then returned to a large building and settled down for the day.

The party scouted out the nearby buildings and discovered that most of the goblins where in the mess hall guarding the farm workers, but a few were in a nearby building questioning Alban Reyn. The adventurers quickly organized an ambush and managed to rescue the majority of the farm workers as well as Alban, who had been greatly weakened by the goblins’ interrogation. Alban informed the adventurers that one of the prisoners that had been thrown into the spider pit was his daughter Heri, and offered the adventurers a large reward for her and the other farmers’ rescue.

The adventurers also managed to capture one of the goblin leaders. After some extensive interrogation, they learned that the shadow goblins were acting under the direction of someone named Velikul; who the goblin seemed to refer to in a zealous fashion. Cora also acquired a Gambler’s Helm from the goblin, which was made from a kobold’s skull and is now fused to her head.

The party received an antidote for spider venom from Alban, and then attempted their rescue of Heri and the other farmers that were thrown into the spider pit. While exploring the pit, Astrid found a halfling corpse in the pit from which she acquired an Amulet of Healing. The party than managed to find the injured farmers and poisoned woman, and after administering the antidote, lead them out of the pit to safety.



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